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Features of CallTrax

Click to Call -Turning On-line Visitors into Sales Leads

  • Give your web visitors the ability to make a FREE and immediate call to you.
  • This allows you to immediately assist them while they are a hot prospect.
  • Visitors simply type in their phone number and click the 'Call Me' button. Within a few seconds, their phone rings and they are connected directly to your company.
  • Calls can be tracked and even recorded. Information will be available in real-time on your CallTrax online account.
  • If unanswered, you will receive an instant email and you will be able to hear the voice message as well.
  • The CallTrax Click to Call solution ensures that contact is established, improving your customer service & conversion rate.

Call Recording

CallTrax® captures and records all telephone conversations on the unique numbers received.

All are available securely on-line, and you can listen to them as many times as you like, anytime you need them. By monitoring your calls you may detect training opportunities and so improve sales and customer service.

You will also detect mishandled calls and be able to take swift correction action.

Missed Call Notification

CallTrax ® tracks every call, even those that go un-answered allowing its users to turn missed calls into additional sales. For example if your staff is busy with a call generated by an ad and in the meanwhile one of more sales calls arrive and your callers get a busy tone and hang up.

Normally you would not know about this call. With CallTrax® you will receive an instant email message notifying you about this missed call. The caller will also be given the option to leave you a message, which will be attached to your email notification.

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