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What You Can Do With CallTrax

Track Leads from various advertising Platforms

Track the source of your sales calls and Identify which advertising medium works for each campaign

Record Inbound Calls From Ads

Record all incoming sales calls. With CallTrax, you are able to monitor how well sales calls are handled and identify any staff training opportunities.

Let Your Customers Call You For Free

Instantly connect with your website visitors during their browsing sessions using the Click-To-Call function.

Track And Link Any South African Number

Track and link any South African number as well as receive calls from anywhere i the world. Link to your 086 switchboard , your sales people's cellphones or your office Telkom number.

Secure Dashboard

Reach more of your potential clients. Receive missed calls and voice mail notifications so you can get back to your client instantly while they are still a "hot" lead.

Get Involved

How It Works

Capture Phone Number

Capture Every Phone Number

CallTrax captures every caller's phone number, identifies the advertising source and records calls for reviews, enabling you to return missed calls and re-capture lost leads. Stop wondering which ads and on-line web pages drive your sales. Tracking all sales calls to your business will solve that!

Intuitive Dashboard

You also get a dashboard that is securely placed behind a login screen to see your statistics and review your calls.

Call Redirection

CallTrax numbers are redirected to your landline, switch board or even your Cell Phone,at a click of a button.

Unique Phone Numbers Ads

CallTrax provides unique phone numbers to place on each display ad landing page, billboard or print advertisement. If you miss a call, or a potential client does not get through, we inform you immediately via email, ensuring no leads get left behind.

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