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how will CallTrax improve your Sales and Marketing strategies?

CallTrax will help you improve your business by delivering relevant and actionable information in real time. With detailed marketing intelligence you will be able to make better decisions, leading to more sales and greater profitability:

  • Turn Lost Calls Into Additional Sales
  • Gain Valuable Lead Information
  • Monitor & Train Your Staff
  • Staff Development
  • Reduce Call Abandonment
  • Gain Marketing Intelligence

Reason 1 - Turn Lost Calls into Additional Sales

Missed Calls Notifications are delivered to any nominated email address, allowing you to call the customer back before the sales lead goes cold. Furthermore, receive their voice messages directly into your inbox so you can forward them to your sales executives for follow up.

Reason 2 - Gain Valuable Lead Information

  • Establish which advertisement prompted the call
  • Geographic location of call
  • Date and time of call
  • Call outcome
  • Which calls were unanswered and which ones you need to call back.

CallTrax makes it easy to analyse lead information to make better informed decisions.

Reason 3 - Monitor & Train Your Staff

CallTrax enables you to monitor every inbound call and take immediate corrective actions if poorly handled calls are detected. All your inbound call on CallTrax numbers are recorded.

Reason 4 - Staff Development

Staff is pro-actively managed, and rather than being used as a policing tool, it becomes a tool for constructive engagement, and staff can also be given access to help them be pro-active in their sales training.

Reason 5 - Reduce Call Abandonment

Reduce call abandonment by intelligently and dynamically routing and forwarding your calls. CallTrax Call Routing solution gets your customers to talk with the right person at the right time, even if you have several branches with different working hours. You choose how to re-direct calls based on the location or time and day of the call. Calls can also be forwarded to your mobile for after hours servicing.

Reason 6 - Gain Marketing Intelligence

  1. Compare marketing campaigns and see how many leads and sales each is generating.
  2. Measure your costs per contact and sale, to help optimise your budget.
  3. Be aware of peak calling hours/days and adjust staff rosters accordingly.

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